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Monday, July 10, 2006


Responsibility is Nigel Cox's most recent novel. Last year I read Tarzan Presley, the most implausible concoction ever and found it hugely entertaining and at times, thought provoking. The copyright battle fought over it with Edgar Rice Burroughs estate is another story entirely!

Responsibility is in more serious mode, although with that same quirky sense of humour (cliches of detective novels sweetly mocked), and also occasional Kiwi references (curious as to how these make sense for overseas readers). The story is set in Berlin, and Cox has drawn on his own work experience for the context of the story. Midlife crisis (why are so many of the books I read about this?) in the context of the glittering glamour of risk and danger forces Martin Rumsfield to question his responsibility in various ways, including friend, husband and father.

Brief comments from professional reviewers which I am NOT! See the Dominion Post interview for his positive take on his terminal cancer. I look forward to reading his next book, which he is editing at the moment - a Western.


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