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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Holiday reading

It is clear from the major gap in the entries that I have done little for the last two years in the reading line other than books related to study - language learning, learning, computer assisted learning, research methodology and so on. Fascinating as this might be, it is a relief to have had a holiday following my candidature confirmation and being able to visit my friend who also reads, and so had waiting by my bed a pile of books that she thought I might be interested in.

Of course, reading for several hours each day for a period of several weeks meant that a lot of the plots are jumbled in my head, so this is an aide-memoire, so I can perhaps, look back and remember not just the books but their contents!

1920 P.G. Wodehouse Jill the Reckless
1936 Lettice Cooper The new house
1951 Georgette Heyer The grand Sophy
1953 Barbara Pym Jane and Prudence
1962 Alison Lurie Love and friendship
1992 Iain Banks The crow road
1992 Janet and Allan Ahlberg The bear nobody wanted
1997 Penelope Fitzgerald The golden child
1999 Anne Tyler A patchwork planet
2000 Gary Chapman The five love languages of teenagers
2001 Anne Tyler Back when we were grownups
2002 Clive Beggs Energy: Management, supply and conservation (only read the first chapter!)
2002 Libby Purves Mother Country
2004 Joanna Trollope Brother and Sister
2006 Stephanie Calman Confessions of a failed grownup
2008 Toni Jordan Addition